Software Tested to Work with Bosto Tablets
There are two families of current Bosto tablets each with a different type of digitizer and corresponding tablet drivers. The U series consisting of 22UX and 22U mini is the one family, and the 22HDX, 22HD mini/22HD and 14WX/14WA (v2) is the other. The family of legacy Bosto tablets comprises the 19MA, 19MB and 14WA (v1). Application software that works with one tablet in a family can be expected to work with the other members using the same tablet drivers.

When evaluating the compatibility of application software with a Bosto tablet it is important to refer to test results that cover all the features of the software specific to your needs. The Bosto user community has developed an extensive library of software test results, which may be found in the Software Knowledgebase section of the Bosto User GroupIf your software of interest has not yet been tested then you are welcome to request a test report. 

Requests for driver updates to support specific software applications or features are welcome.