Terms & Conditions 

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to amendment from time to time without notice.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

  1. You are welcome to return your Bosto tablet within 14 days of delivery if you are not completely satisfied.

  2. We trust that before buying you will refer to the FAQ and will not return your Bosto tablet for any of the caveats mentioned. Simply tell us why you are not happy with your Bosto tablet so that we can share this important information with others before they decide to buy.

  3. The product must be returned in perfectly salable condition with all accessories and in the original packaging.

  4. The product must be returned to the factory in Shenzhen, China unless an alternate return location is specifically stated in the listing.

  5. The cost of return shipping, including insurance for loss and damage in transit, and any fees, taxes and duties will be at your expense.

  6. Simply submit an RMA request in the support area if you would like to return your Bosto tablet within this 14 day period.

  7. No product may be returned without approval and before the return address and shipping instructions have been provided.

  8. We will refund the full amount of your purchase price less the actual cost of original outbound shipping. As a safeguard we reserve the right to charge a nominal restocking fee of 10% of the full purchase price.

  9. The product must be wrapped adequately to prevent damage in transit. Any defacement of the manufacturer's packaging or damage caused by inadequate packaging may result in an additional restocking fee.

  10. Proof of dispatch is not proof of delivery and you are advised to send your package by recorded delivery or registered post, and to insure for the full value of the product.

  11. A refund will only be given after a returned product has been delivered and passes inspection.

  12. No refund will be given if a returned product was tampered with.

  13. If a returned product is damaged in transit or if any accessories are missing then repair/replacement costs will be deducted from the refund amount.

  14. Any fees, taxes and duties incurred in delivering the returned product will be deducted from the refund amount.

  15. The Satisfaction Guaranteed period runs concurrently with the 14 day warranty exchange period.

          Shipping Policy

          1. The normal order processing time is five business days from completion of purchase unless otherwise stated. The order processing time for presale orders is stated in the listings.

          2. Every product is inspected and tested before shipping to ensure safe delivery in perfect working order.

          3. We ship worldwide except to certain excluded locations.

          4. We only ship to PayPal verified addresses.

          5. We do not ship to mail forwarding services.

          6. Orders are shipped directly from the factory in Shenzhen, China unless otherwise specified in listings.

          7. Shipping time from the factory is typically 2~4 business days via DHL, 3~5 business days via FedEx, or up to 10 working days via EMS. Shipping time from the warehouse in Derby, UK is typically 2~3 business days via FedEx or 2~4 business days via UPS. Please allow for shipping delays during peak periods.

          8. A tracking number is issued for every shipment.

          9. For shipments from the factory, any import duties, customs fees, taxes, disbursement fees, or surcharges are not included in our product prices or shipping charges; these costs are the purchaser's responsibility.

          10. Shipments from the Derby warehouse are duty free to EU countries. Disbursement fees and/or surcharges may apply. Currently VAT is not included in the listing price and we do not provide a VAT invoice.

          11. For international shipments to any country that charges VAT the purchaser is responsible for the payment of VAT.

          12. For international shipments, before buying you are advised to contact your local customs office to ascertain any import costs pertaining to your shipment.

          13. Importation is the purchaser's responsibility and the purchaser is liable for any declarations made on the commercial invoice.

          14. Customs processing may result in shipping delays although this is rarely the case.

          15. The purchaser is responsible for any additional shipping fees or surcharges raised by the shipping agent.

          16. We generally do not ship to Post Office boxes so please provide your physical address and contact number for door-to-door delivery.

          17. Our listed shipping prices are subject to adjustment and if necessary we may request additional payments.

          18. Although we offer dependable shipping services and ensure that products are packaged securely, it is your responsibility to insure for loss and damage in transit; we will provide an insurance quote on request. Although certain carriers do automatically provide limited insurance cover for loss and damage in transit, this must not be assumed.

          19. We will share the risk of loss and damage in transit to ensure that you are not left out of pocket in the event of an insurance claim, provided that you insure your shipment for the full value or the maximum value offered by the carrier, and that you meet the carrier's conditions for lodging a claim - please read the carrier's terms & conditions.

          20. Our acceptance of any risk relates to the direct cost of replacement of products and excludes any indirect or consequential losses.

          21. Our responsibility for shipping your order ends once proof of delivery has been obtained.

          22. You must open the package in the presence of the delivery person and if any items were damaged in transit then you must endorse the delivery receipt.

          23. Should any items be damaged in transit then you must report this immediately to both the carrier and to us - please note the carrier's time limits for lodging claims.

          24. If for any reason it is not possible to effect delivery of your shipment then the carrier will return it to us. In this case you are responsible for the costs of carriage, attempted delivery, return shipping, and any fees, taxes and duties.

          25. In the case of international shipments you are responsible for fulfilment of customs formalities and payments. The carrier will assist you as far as possible with customs formalities, however, this assistance will be rendered at your sole risk and responsibility.

          Conditions of Sale 

          1. These conditions of sale extend to the manufacturer's prevailing conditions of sale. In other words, purchasers of products from Bosto AME are also bound to the manufacturer's conditions of sale.

          2. These conditions of sale relate to orders placed with Bosto AME through our stores on this site and on eBay, and through any other marketplaces.

          3. We reserve the right to accept or reject any order for any reason whatsoever without any obligation.

          4. We do not do business with mail forwarding services and we are obliged to cancel any transaction that involves a mail forwarding service.

          5. Periodically the manufacturer may release firmware updates and/or driver updates, and these updates may be downloaded from this site. Warning: A failed firmware update (flash) can render your tablet unusable and this eventuality is not covered by the product warranty.

          6. The manufacturer may change product specifications without notice, and any images, specification sheets, brochures, drawings, or any other medium detailing availability, performance, design features, or any specification may differ from current products and are not binding.

          7. Although Bosto AME makes every effort in good faith to accurately present product specifications and features, mistakes can happen and Bosto AME cannot be held responsible for any direct or consequential loss.

          8. Before placing an order you must satisfy yourself that a product is fit for your intended purpose. In other words, you are responsible for the intended use of products that you order. Compatibility and suitability of Bosto products cannot be guaranteed and any incompatibility with your system or software, and any unsuitability for your application is not accepted as a defect.

          9. An expected dispatch date for your order will be provided and you will be informed timeously if for any reason this date cannot be met. We cannot be held liable for any losses or costs resulting from failure to meet dispatch or delivery dates.

          10. All products are offered subject to availability. If for any reason a product is no longer available then we reserve the right to cancel a sale and offer a refund.

          11. The development of application software used in conjunction with Bosto products is beyond the control of Bosto AME and of the manufacturer. Although Bosto products are designed to operate effectively with many different software applications, there can be no guarantee that Bosto products will support every feature of every version of any software application.

          12. Although Bosto AME offers products for sale in good faith, the risks associated with order fulfilment by the manufacturer and its agents, and honouring of warranties by the manufacturer and its agents are collectively assumed by all purchasers. In other words, Bosto AME is not liable for and cannot be held responsible for any nonfulfilment of the manufacturer's and/or its agents' responsibilities.

          13. Bosto AME is committed to supporting the Bosto products purchased by its clients, however, Bosto AME cannot accept any liability or offer any compensation on behalf of the manufacturer.

          14. The Bosto User Group is your front line of support. Please be prepared to configure your computer system and application software for use with your Bosto product; this may require time and patience. If you suspect a fault with your product then please post on the user group for assistance.

          Product Warranty

          1. Bosto Bosto tablets are warranted by the manufacturer to be free of material and manufacturing defects.

          2. Bosto Kingtee accessories are not warranted by the manufacturer.

          3. In terms of this warranty the manufacturer reserves the right to verify defects, and furthermore this warranty is void if the manufacturer finds any evidence of tampering.

          4. If the manufacturer considers that the product was damaged by the user then replacement materials and shipping will be chargeable.

          5. The warranty period is one year from date of purchase.

          6. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product.

          7. A defective product reported within 14 days of delivery will be remedied at our expense, including return shipping if necessary, by sending replacement parts or by exchange with a new product. In this case the defect must be verified by the factory within a period of 22 days from delivery.
          8. A defective product reported after 14 days of delivery will be remedied by sending replacement parts or by factory repair. In this case the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

          9. A product returned for exchange or repair must be packaged with adequate protection to prevent the possibility of damage in transit, and clearly labelled as fragile. If possible the product's original inner packaging should be reused. Any damage caused by inadequate packaging is the responsibility of the purchaser.

          10. When returning a product for exchange or repair the cost of insurance for loss and damage in transit, and any fees, taxes and duties is the responsibility of the purchaser.

          11. Products must be returned for exchange or repair to the factory in Shenzhen, China, unless an alternate return location was specifically stated in the original product listing.

          12. This warranty covers the cost of outbound shipping of an exchanged or repaired product, except if the manufacturer considers that the defect is not valid or that the product was damaged or tampered with by the user. The cost of insurance for loss and damage in transit, and any fees, taxes and duties is the responsibility of the purchaser.

          13. Out of warranty repairs will be undertaken at a nominal charge plus the cost of replacement parts. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of return and outbound shipping, including insurance for loss and damage in transit, and any fees, taxes and duties.

          14. The timing of warranty exchanges and repairs is subject to availability of products and parts.

          15. Requests for warranty support may conveniently be submitted using the RMA form in the support area.

          16. Warranty support for products purchased in other markets must be referred to the respective suppliers.

          Product Support 

          1. We host and maintain the Bosto User Group, an active support community with up-to-date drivers, beta driver access, installation guides and one-on-one technical support. The user group is your front line of support, and as a factory authorized distributor we provide access through the user group to official factory support.

          2. Additional product support is available in the support area.

          3. Please be prepared to configure your computer system and software for use with your Bosto tablet; this may require time and patience.

          4. If you suspect a fault with your product then please refer to the Bosto User Group and if necessary post a request for assistance.

          5. Working with you through the Bosto User Group we will happily solve any problems, so please be patient and most importantly do not worry.

          Return Merchandise Authorisation 

          1. No product may be returned without approval.

          2. RMA requests fall into three categories:

            1. Warranty - see warranty terms

            2. Satisfaction Guaranteed - see satisfaction guaranteed terms

            3. Out of Warranty - see warranty terms

          3. Before resorting to an RMA request please first make full use of the Bosto User Group to try and resolve the issue. Invariably issues are resolved quickly without the need to submit an RMA request.

          4. For your convenience RMA requests may be submitted in the support area.

          Online Privacy Statement 

          1. Please read this Online Privacy Statement carefully to be aware of how personal information is handled as you use this site.

          2. If you do not agree with the terms of this privacy statement then please leave this site immediately.

          3. By using this site you agree to the terms of this privacy statement.

          4. Please be aware that changes to this privacy statement may be made from time to time without notice.

          5. Personally Provided Information:

            1. You do not have to provide personal information to use this site. If you choose to provide information about yourself through an email message, form, discussion group, purchase, etc., this information will be retained as long as needed to serve the intended purpose of the communication. Please note, however, that all substantive communications will be archived for record keeping purposes.

          6. Intention:

            1. This site is intended as a platform for product awareness, product sales, product support, group discussion, and gathering and disseminating technical and user information, and it is provided as a service for prospective and existing users of Bosto products.

            2. This site is not a secure environment for the disclosure of private, confidential or personally identifiable information.

            3. Please be aware that other users may potentially read, copy, use and redistribute the content of this site. The content of this site shall not include sensitive personal information, such as, family names, home addresses, phone numbers, personal email addresses, ID numbers, or financial account information. Any other information that might reveal a user's personal identity shall not be contained in this site.

          7. Security:

            1. This site is hosted by Google Sites, a free service for users to communicate, connect, and collaborate. Google Sites stores, processes and maintains the content of this site in order to provide this service. Google's servers automatically record certain information, such as, user account activity, data displayed or clicked on, browser type, IP address, date and time of access, cookie ID, and referrer URL.

          8. Email:

            1. While every attempt will be made to protect any information that users may share with Bosto AME, electronic mail is not secure against interception. If a user is concerned about the sensitivity of an intended communication then it would be advisable to rather not send this by electronic email.

          9. Third-party Integration:

            1. There may be third-party websites, applications and/or services embedded in this site to improve site functionality. Integration of these products in this site does not constitute endorsement of these products. Bosto AME does not share information provided through third-party websites and does not collect PII from third-party websites.

          10. Cookies:

            1. A cookie is a piece of data containing non-PII information about the user and stored on the user's computer. Google uses cookies to provide services on this site, and items embedded on a page from other domain sources may use third-party cookies.

          11. Collecting Information:

            1. No PII about you is collected unless you explicitly choose to provide that information, however, non-PII information related to your visit to this site may automatically be collected and stored temporarily.

            2. This site may collect information either directly or indirectly by, but not limited to, the following actions:

              1. Anonymous information through the use of cookies (by Google).

              2. Information that you voluntarily provide when posting on a discussion group.

              3. Information when you leave comments on web pages.

              4. Information when you upload (attach) files on web pages.

              5. Information when you purchase products.

              6. Information when you submit forms.

              7. Information when you send email messages.

              8. Information when you apply to join a discussion group or are directly added to a discussion group.

          12. Non-Disclosure:

            1. Any information collected on this site which identifies an individual will not be disclosed to others without the user's express permission unless under authority of a valid legal requirement, with the exception of information required by a designated shipping agent.

          13. External Linking:

            1. This privacy statement applies only to the Bosto AME site. This site contains links to other sites, and by clicking these links you will be leaving the Bosto AME site. Bosto AME disclaims responsibility for the content and privacy practices of these external sites.

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          Copyright and Disclaimer Notice 

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          Linking Policy 

          1. Linking to this site is welcomed, however, as a courtesy please first submit a link request on the contact page.

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