About Us 

We are an authorized distributor supplying Bosto Kingtee tablets at factory prices, directly from the factory, with the added value of premium personal service and factory-backed support.

Our online family business based in Dubai since 2012 has a satellite office located in the heart of the picturesque Garden Route, a popular stretch of the south-eastern coast of South Africa.

Quite simply we enjoy what we are doing and we believe that anyone who chooses to deal with us deserves complete satisfaction with their buying experience.

We host the Bosto User Group forum to support the global Bosto user community. In turn the user group facilitates community based product support backed by factory engineers, which helps to maintain low product prices for the benefit of everyone. The user group is managed by volunteers and provides up-to-date drivers, beta driver access, installation guides and one-on-one technical support.

We believe in fair play and building trust, and we would like to help you to make informed buying decisions and to support you thereafter.

Above all we value feedback! Customer reviews are extremely important to us because happy clients are the best possible recommendation for our products and service delivery.
Garden Route