Raynaldo Perez

Bosto Kingtee
Tools of the Trade for Digital Design 

The Kingtee tablet has greatly improved my work, and therefore my life, and owning one has opened opportunities that had previously not been available to me.

Raynaldo Perez

Raynaldo Perez is a freelance artist specializing in illustration and digital design. Ray has a bachelor's degree in Digital Arts from the San Juan School of Fine Arts, and four years of art teaching experience behind him. Ray is an early adopter of Kingtee Pen Displays and has used one since December 2011.

“Owning one changed my life basically. Its awesome.
Honestly it gets the job done.”


Ray is based in Burbank, California.

Email: raydian51@yahoo.com

DeviantART (~kirdein): kirdein.deviantart.com

Graphic Artist Portfolio: www.wizard-city.com/RPF/

Ray's Story

Raynaldo Perez
When I was looking for my first tablet I had just enough money to buy a small Bamboo one I found on eBay. I purchased it only to find out it was not new but refurbished. It never worked right, but I still ended up having to use it for years. In my quest to continue improving my art skills I soon reached that point where my skills were being hindered by my tablet and decided I needed a new, better one.

I researched tablets for many months and came upon Bosto's products. Their tablets and prices seemed reasonable and my best option at the time, so I decided to give them a shot. In December 2011 I purchased the Kingtee 19MB tablet. Mere months after I started using it I saw a considerable increase in my number of freelance clients. My main source of income is freelance graphic artist work, and my equipment is my livelihood.

The 19MB has seen me through a lot and continues to be surprisingly sturdy. Even during trips where I take my Kingtee with me, my main concern is keeping it safe and protected. After one harrowing travel mishap, where the Kingtee received some damage due to careless baggage handlers, with some care and problem solving it still works incredibly well and is the best tablet I have ever owned.

I still get emails and comments on my deviantart account asking about the Kingtee. All I can say is: I love it and I wholeheartedly recommend it.