Mauro Masi

Mauro Masi, alias Emme Al Quadrato

Mauro Masi

Mauro Masi, alias Emme Al Quadrato is a prolific professional comics artist specializing in illustrated journalism. Mauro is dedicated to sharing his skills with children and he runs cartooning courses in schools and coordinates workshops for Cartoon Club Riminicomix.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words,
can a thousand words explain a design?
Stretch your imagination to its limits!”

Favourite Mediums

Bosto Kingtee 22HD, Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop.


Mauro is based in Rimini, Italy.

Mauro's Story

Mauro Masi was born, raised and still lives in the vibrant Italian city of Rimini. Deeply rooted in the local community Mauro now publishes numerous cartoons and humorous illustrations in many newspapers distributed along the Adriatic Coast.

As a child Mauro was inspired by Academy Award winning cartoon animator and film producer Bruno Bozzetto and Bruno's saying, "What is a design? An idea with a line around" ignited the young Mauro's creative instinct.

Mauro MasiMauro MasiMauro MasiMauro MasiMauro Masi
Bosto Kingtee 22HD with Manga Studio and Photoshop by Mauro Masi

While attending a comics course Mauro made the acquaintance of Filippo Scòzzari, a master of Italian comics from the seventies. This encounter led Mauro towards illustrated journalism and he started contributing stories to the magazine Blue published by Coniglio Editore; two of these stories were drawn from Scòzzari.

In order to develop his interest in the sense of narrative Mauro then pursued a course in journalism in drawings by Angese, enabling him to venture into illustrations for newspapers, magazines and monthly reviews.

In the 2004 edition of Cartoon Club Riminicomix Mauro met Davide Barzi and together they invented Pinturocchio, le avventure di un burattino bianconero, now in its second volume.

Having broadened his experience as a designer with Star Comics (Italy) Mauro went on to produce a design tribute to Jonathan Steele, a story that appeared in a number of episodes of Agenzia Incantesimi (il cane che sapeva troppo), and inking of the animated television series Winx, the first Italian cartoon to be sold in the United States.

In 2012 Mauro released Masinfonia published by Tempesta Editore. Masinfonia is a collection of Mauro's stories published in Blue from 1997 to 2003 and other unpublished material. "Masinfonia is for me much more than a book. We are in the dreams of a boy, the desire to emerge from those years, to publish, to draw, to tell, the anxieties of a young rookie, frustrations due to the difficulty of getting a little compensation, the joys of going to the newsstand and seeing one's name printed on the cover."

Mauro produces advertising illustrations for posters, brochures and calendars, storyboards for commercials, and children's illustrations. For the Municipality of Rimini he illustrated a series of volumes on road safety for elementary school children, and he collaborates frequently as an illustrator with Park Fiabilandia in Rimini.

Much of Mauro's time is now devoted to children, teaching cartooning courses in schools and as Workshop Coordinator for Cartoon Club Riminicomix.