Joshua Briones

Self-portrait done in digital by Joshua Briones using the Bosto Kingtee 19MB.

Bosto Kingtee
The Right Choice for Digital Painting

In the summer of 2012 I purchased a Bosto Kingtee 19MB Pen Display at an anime expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center. At the time I wanted the Kingtee 19MA with the buttons but ended up getting the 19MB. However, this wasn't a big issue and I haven't looked back since.

All I have to say is that this is an incredible product - light weight, very portable, very sensitive. I can do a lot of my digital paintings on the 19MB. All of my art at deviantART was done using my Bosto.

Joshua Briones

Joshua Briones is a freelance digital artist with an Associates Degree in Computer Animation and currently studying fine arts and physics at Los Angeles Valley College. Josh's goals are to transfer to get his degree in physics and minor in computer science programming; eventually entering the field. Self-taught in traditional and digital art, Josh highly emphasizes learning.

“I believe a good structural foundation in school is what prepares you for your future. One must learn from the old masters.
You never stop learning.”

Favourite Mediums

Bosto Kingtee, Photoshop CS5, charcoal, mechanical pencil, markers, paints on canvas.


Josh is based in Los Angeles, California.

Josh's Story

I was born with the passion to draw. I still remember my first drawing when I was five, it was of Spiderman, and I began drawing Sonic the Hedgehog. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California my life revolved around a pencil and paper. I also grew up with many shows like Nova and other science shows. I enjoyed the natural sciences as much as I did art. Out of high school I did not specifically know what I wanted to do with my life and quit drawing. I went on to work in a pharmacy for most of my time due to family pressure. Eventually I took the challenge and entered school for computer animation. Even though the school only taught the CG aspect of animation, what caught my eye was digital illustration and painting.

Joshua Briones
Although I retained my CG knowledge and continued to learn from books in my personal library, I still longed to draw. And so my passion regrew .. becoming self taught with the help of the great masters, including Bob Ross, Andrew Loomis, Bridgeman, and Vanderpool.

Once I went into rendering and particles I fell in love with physics all over again. This is why I went back to community college to learn it. I hope to develop and use these skills to be a technical director and art director. My ultimate goal is to create my own modeling software altogether.

Recently I had the privilege of being commissioned to create characters using the Bosto tablet for Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat, a must-read fantasy book by Christopher F. Edwards and Carlos O. Hardy.

I want to thank all my friends who believe in me: Will, Alex's, Albert, Steven, Alisha, Krissy, Skits, Pen, Arie/Jayo, Cos, Kar and everyone.

One word of advice for anyone aspiring to become an artist, never give up on your dream, get yourself the proper equipment for the job. I use a Bosto Kingtee.