Jean Claude De La Ronde

The Mind’s Eye
Podcast Web Episodes

The Mind’s Eye is a series of podcast web episodes produced by myself for public viewing on our YouTube Channel. I am currently preparing the pilot episode for testing and demonstration.

Each short episode (2-5 minutes) is packed with fresh professional video content to give our fan base community a chance to share with us in the excitement of our art form.

The series will inform fellow professional artists and illustrators, art enthusiasts, hobbyists, students, and our curious fans about the art equipment, tools of the trade, and computer software that we use in our daily work.

I will also offer practical advice on what to buy, what not to buy, and where to buy, and give references to other cool web channels in the same line of work or related fields of interest to our viewers.

To finance this project a donation tip jar will be available on the web channel’s web page, and original artwork will be featured for sale on the web channel.

Jean Claude De La Ronde

Jean Claude De La Ronde (Johny C.) is a freelance storyboard artist illustrator with formal training in 3D Animation for Cinema & Television and Illustration & Design. Johny C. is Head Chief Director of the Storyboard Department at Shinra Productions Ltd, the company producing the massive live action web series video game “Final Fantasy VII.”

“The strength and passion of your character will support your efforts, and with love, audacity, perseverance, imagination and determination you will succeed against all the odds of the world!”

Preferred Mediums

HB .05 Mechanical Pencils, Kneaded Erasers, Inking Brush Pens, Cool and Warm Grey Markers, Photoshop CS6, Corel Painter 12, Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6, Manga Studio 5


Johny C. is based in the Montreal area, Quebec, Canada.


Johny C.’s Story

Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal city, at 12 years old I discovered a knack and interest for drawing. Now 23 years later and counting, I have filled many, many pages with pencil marks along the way. Those pages passed through many phases of learning how to draw and learning the fundamentals of art; the building blocks of my career as a freelance storyboard artist illustrator.

Jean Claude De La Ronde

My early art studies took place at The Art Students League of New York, and The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. I continued to learn from the best resource materials that I could lay my hands on, and attended live art classes in pursuit of my artistic passion. But my story starts back in 1989 when I was 12. Right after seeing the first Batman movie by film director Tim Burton I immediately went off to buy myself a few T-shirts of the superhero, a sketch pad, some pencils and an eraser. And so my future was laid out that day on a white piece of paper that saw the first pencil marks of a storyteller.

In 1998 I was introduced to the art of storyboarding at the NAD Centre in Montreal where I studied 3D Animation for Cinema & Television, and in 1999 I graduated as the top student in Storyboarding. I then went on to study Illustration & Design for two and half years at Dawson College in Montreal, but had to leave due to lack of funds. However, undeterred, I followed the advice of my mentor, Master Teacher Carmelo, to self-study from curriculum reference books and continued along the artistic path I had first set foot on as a child armed with just a pencil and imagination.

Finally in December 2010 the long road of hardship paid off when Makuta VFX based in Hyderabad, India invited me to join their production team on the movie “Eega” led by superstar film director SS Rajamouli. And so the story unfolded as work on this epic adventure ultimately led to a major blockbuster film phenomenon in the summer of 2012, garnering two National Awards for best visual effects and best regional film for it’s genre.

Jean Claude de la Ronde

Back from India I contributed my storyboard skills and storytelling sequences to the final stage of the NARCO project by Helios Productions. In the summer of 2012 I found myself being the storyboard artist for Electronic Arts’ action video game franchise “Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.” Side by side with Cinematic Director Tony de Wall I brought a fresh visual approach to the cinematic game sequences and dynamic action packed adventures. By September 2012 demand for my storyboarding talent had led to work alongside film director Daniel Fridell on scenes for the horror movie “Apartment 1303-3D,” shot and produced at Fullum Films Studios in Montreal. December 2012 saw me helping REZ Creative Labs with a storyboard sequence to finalize the video trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming hit video game “Watch_Dogs.”

Shinra Productions Ltd recruited me in January 2013 as Head Chief Director of the Storyboard Department for the massive video game live action web series “Final Fantasy VII” debuting in 2014. The series is based on a script by authors M J Gallagher and Xander Keurvorst.

More recently I was approached by fellow vfx artist Alroy Jovi (Prateek), founder of Axtelera-Ray in 2005 (further written by M J Gallagher since 2013) to join the massive “Axtelera-Ray The Chronicles of Astrone” project - the first book in this series of six high fantasy novels packed with a new breed of superheroes.