Anthony O’Donnell

Anthony O’Donnell

My productivity has definitely increased since getting the 22HDX and Manga Studio; an awesome combination.

Anthony O’Donnell

I am based in Warrington, England and currently work as a senior artist in the video games industry at SCEE/Evolution Studios. Over the years I’ve had the chance to contribute artwork to the Motorstorm and Driveclub games. Lately I’ve been producing some character designs for the Shattered Earth project being developed by Massive Awesome.

“Someday I hope to make use of all the platforms available today for self-publishing and get my own comic out into the world.”

When free time does materialise it’s quickly taken up by playing games in a futile attempt to complete my backlog of titles. Otherwise my spare time is spent getting back into comic art as I find it’s a good art form to unwind with after spending the day creating artwork for a video game given its meticulous approach in contrast to comic art production.

Tools Used

I bought the Bosto Kingtee 22HDX in the summer of 2014 and have been using it almost daily for many projects. I wouldn’t part with it now as it’s a major element within my workflow.

Depending on what type of project I’m working on I jump between various software:

For digital 2d art it’s Manga Studio 5 EX (Clip Studio Paint for digital users), Corel Painter and Photoshop. Photoshop is also used for creating textures/materials for game art.

For digital 3d related art I mainly use Maya, Z-Brush and Mudbox. Recently I’ve been investigating newer tools such as the Quixel Suite and Substance Painter / Designer.

When I feel the need to escape the computer I lean towards pencil and ink with a variety of brushes and pens to produce sketches and illustrations.

Where to find my work

Game art:

Concept and Comic art:

Artstation for a mix of both:

Art blog for works in progress:

Twitter: @nathdevlin

Anthony's Story

My story was like many other artists. From an early age I loved drawing and creating worlds and images. Being exposed to the usual pop culture touchstones including movies like Star Wars, Alien, Die Hard and animated shows from the late 80’s to early 90’s,
Anthony O'Donnell
such as Batman, X-Men and the Turtles, inspired a young and vivid imagination.

My love of fictional works got me interested in comic books which were a rare find in the small town of Naas where I grew up in Ireland. I read whatever I could get my hands on; this included many reprinted DC and Marvel titles but mainly 2000AD and Games Workshops Warhammer Monthly.

This passion for fiction, art and comics drove my aspiration to get into the comic industry back in the late 90’s, which seemed like an unachievable goal at the time unless I lived in the US. After a few failed attempts to break into comics I felt some formal artistic training was required, so I applied for a course and started straight after I graduated from school. I studied computer and classic animation at Ballyfermot College for Further Education back in 2001 until 2004. This was a good move as it broadened my horizons artistically and tied in to my growing interest in video game and CG at that time.

After graduating I found myself in limbo as there were no obvious employment opportunities in a creative industry where I lived. I spent the majority of 2005 – 2007 working on improving my skills (outside of working full-time in non-art related jobs) and I began to focus on getting a job in video games as the industry was growing at that time in the UK.

After breaking into the games industry in 2007 it has been a roller coaster ride of learning everything I could about the job and doing my best to keep pace with an ever changing industry. The thing I like most about a creative job is that each day brings a new challenge; especially in terms of visual arts, regardless of the medium, I still enjoy the process of bringing projects to life and seeing them through to completion.

Anthony O'Donnell

Anthony O'Donnell

Anthony O'Donnell