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Bosto Kingtee Interactive Pen Displays

Professional LCD graphics tablets with patented pen input technology.

The Bosto family of interactive pen displays offer the natural feel and intuitive hand-eye coordination of working directly onto the display surface with a unique pressure sensitive pen. Together with your own software applications a Bosto pen display will replicate the experience of working in traditional creative mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and photographic retouching.

Kingtee 22HD Interactive Pen Display

Kingtee 22HD
Express yourself intuitively working directly onto a brilliant 21.5" digital canvas - enjoy infinite creativity with the unique battery-free pen yielding 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity - compare specifications.
For smooth pen-on-screen input and realistic strokes emulating the response of traditional creative tools Bosto's lightweight ergonomic pens deliver 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity with near-zero activation force and an optimized pressure curve. The necessary roughness to control pen strokes is given by a matte film¹ on the drawing surface which has the feel and even sound of pen on paper. This film is extremely scratch proof, and its anti-reflective properties significantly reduce reflections and improve contrast by eliminating stray light.

To accelerate workflow, conveniently positioned customizable express keys provide quick access to application specific shortcuts, and a shuttle roller allows for rapid zooming, scrolling, brush resizing, or other frequent actions².

Close cooperation with multinational computer software companies, including Adobe Systems Inc. and Autodesk Inc. ensures seamless compatibility with mainstream graphic applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchBook, Manga Studio, Mudbox, Painter, ZBrush, Sai, and ArtRage.

Kingtee 14WA Interactive Pen Display

Kingtee 14WA
Work in comfort directly onto a lightweight 14" HD digital canvas with the all-new battery-free pen, and enjoy blistering performance in an appealing slim form factor - compare specifications.
Bosto pen displays streamline the creative process resulting in a fully digital workflow with reduced workload; radically improve your productivity in design (graphic, industrial, fashion, jewelry, games, etc), 3D modelling, animation, visualization, art, illustration, and photography to mention a few.

The application of Bosto pen displays is limitless, for example in media production where fast and accurate manipulation of editing tools is essential, or in art education where students can work on digital canvases and teachers can demonstrate using a projector.

The four current pen display models:

Kingtee 22HD - 21.5" Full HD Display
Kingtee 19MA - 19" WXGA+ Display
Kingtee 19MB - 19" WXGA+ Display
Kingtee 14WA - 14" HD Display

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¹ The matte film is an optional accessory for some models.
² Express keys and shuttle rollers differ between models.

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About Bosto

Bosto International Co. Ltd. was established in 2005 and is today a leading technology innovator in interactive pen displays. The Chinese company has a culture of cooperation and works closely with Japanese and Israeli research institutes and with computer software multinationals as a centre of excellence in the field of interactive pen display technology. With profound respect for and understanding of the arts, Bosto is committed to enriching artist's lives by enhancing the creative experience with digital technology. As a truly talented international team with artists and engineers from Japan, Singapore, Germany and USA, Bosto fully understands the creative process and is constantly innovating to develop the finest products which integrate seamlessly with industry standard creative software applications. Bosto products are assembled in China with key components produced in Japan.

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Customer Feedback

Kingtee 22HD
"The shipping experience was absolutely great! Lines are not jittery and ruler lines are great. I use Sketchbook Pro and so far so good. Overall I am really happy and hope to get on with my productivity; I am a Comic Book Illustrator."

Robert Schaupp
Ladonia, United States

Kingtee 14WA
"Fantastic Product. I just had a few occasions to work with this amazing tablet, I've got to say that I'm quite impressed by the sensitivity of the pen and it's precision.. and all came with a competitive price! The buying experience has been perfect from start to finish. The customer service it's simply AMAZING!"

Corrado Carbè
Arezzo, Italy

Kingtee 19MB
"The tablet arrived yesterday, and i have it up and running on my mac and it is AMAZING, my workflow has been increased by 20 lol .. Thanks so much for your communication throughout this transaction, brilliant product :D"

Niall Donnelly
Draperstown, United Kingdom

Kingtee 19MA
"BETTER than Wacom. Great price and the best customer service in the industry!!!!"

Anthony Tumminaro
Alamogordo, United States

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